Escape from the Prison of Comfort & Create the Life of Your Dreams

Have You Built A Comfort Prison?

Millions of people have spent their entire lives seeking to earn “a comfortable living” without ever realizing that the result of their efforts was a cozy prison of their own design.

Once built, this silk upholstered cell kills our dreams, prevents us from achieving everything we are capable of, and denies us the life of service and fulfillment God intended each of us to live.

In this, the first of his series of books describing the Total Wealth Formula, author Chaim Ekstein shares:

  • What a Comfort Prison Is and Why So Many Have Created One
  • How to Come to Grips with the Reality of Your Own Incarceration
  • Determining Your God-Given Talent and Engaging With It
  • To Escape Your Life of Comfort
  • And Create the Life of Your Dreams
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